It’s sad to say, but seems the Acquisition of Nokia’s D&S division by Microsoft is going to have manyt adverse effects. After the previous Discontinuation of Nokia Store for Symbian and MeeGo, Nokia is now shutting down its Advertising Exchange Network for developers.

NAX Shutting DownNAX allowed app developers to earn revenue from their apps by including advertisements inside the applications. In App Advertising has been a growing format in the past years and has allowed many developers to offer their premium apps for free as they can get their revenue through In app Advertisements.

NAX was already powered by Inneractive, but there were many additions to the platform provided by inneractive.  NAX had ad optimization in over 120 ad networks, and offered revenue payments in over 200 countries.

Although developers will not be affected much as they can now use their NAX login over at Inneractive and access the analytics, campaigns and other resources directly. Its however still saddening that we’re hearing more and more cuts from Nokia’s side.

I still wonder what will happen to Nokia Mail. Maybe it will also be passed on to Yahoo with no more new registrations allowed.