Nokia Green brand

Nokia is one of those companies, who care a lot for the planet Earth. Their sustainability efforts like recycling old phones and using sustainable method for power production are well-known. In its recent study of “Best global green brands 2014”, Interbrand has identified Nokia’s contribution and care. Nokia has been placed at 6th rank amongst all global brands and great news is that it is the top brand amongst all phone manufacturers.

This is what Interbrand has to say about Nokia,

Although Nokia divested its mobile device and service business in April 2014, the brand remains committed to respecting people and the planet in everything it does, as well as innovating ways to use technology for a more sustainable tomorrow. From its achievements in greener production and supply chain management to minimizing product impacts, acting sustainably is truly ingrained in the brand’s DNA. Despite some of the business challenges Nokia is currently facing, the brand has continued to stay at the top of prestigious sustainability rankings: number one in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, number two in the 2013 FTSE ESG rating among technology companies, and winner of the European CSR Award in the International Partnership Category. As this recognition indicates, the brand’s adherence to its ethics, its efforts to go beyond compliance, and its ability to provide customers with smart applications that help conserve resources have established Nokia as a leading green technology brand and company. By understanding the potential of information and communications technologies to not only connect people, but also to stimulate social and economic growth and drive sustainable development, Nokia is positioned to turn its green advantage into a business advantage. To accomplish that, given the sizeable gap between its strong performance scores and lagging perception scores, Nokia must make more of an effort to communicate its ICT solutions and its vision for a high-tech, low carbon economy.