Nokia Q4 2011 resultsOur predictions
Mobile devices sales113.5 million117   million
Smartphones19.6   million22   million
Featurephones93.995   million
Lumia   salesOver 1   million1.2   milion
Meego   salesNot   declared1.8   million
Symbian   salesNot   declared19 milion

Interesting, isn’t it. We came pretty close to predict Q4 2011 for Nokia. Nokia has not revealed sales for Meego and Symbian but sales for meego must be more than 1.5 million. As far Symbian is concerned, its sales could be in the range of, (19.6 – 1.2-1.5 =17 million). Hence in case of Symbian there is either slight upward increase or no change in sales figures from Q3 2011 ( 16.7 million) . Again heartening to note, how with so much negativity and without support and focus from Nokia it is still holding so well.

Hope to see something interesting happening with Belle coming to old devices and possible introduction some new Carla devices in 2012.