Nokia Q4 2011 results are out and let us see quickly what are the highlights,

    • Lumia range of smartphones, have sold well over 1 million Lumia devices to date
    • Overall mobile devices sales 113.5 milion with 6% growth over Q3 2011
    • Solid Q4 performance in Featurephones (93.9 million units sold) with a growth of 5% over Q3 2011
    • Good performance in Smartphones as well,  ( 19.6 milion units sold) with a growth of 17% over Q3 2011
    • Sequential double-digit percentage growth in dual SIM business, with particular strength in India, Middle East and Africa and South East Asia
    • In revenue terms as well smartphone sales were up by 25% over Q3 2011.
    •  Strong balance sheet, with net cash and other liquid assets of EUR 5.6 billion at end of Q4 2011
    •  Nokia Board of Directors will propose a dividend of EUR 0.20 per share for 2011 (EUR 0.40 per share for 2010)

At this point of time it is not important to talk about profitability as Nokia is obviously going through transition and investing a lot into marketing and new launch activities. But it is heartening to note that Nokia is again showing strong upward trend in sales of both featurephones and smartphones, and also registering operating profit in mobile devices sales.

Future roadmap and outlook for  Nokia:

Based on the press note from Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia following are the highlights of roadmap and outlook,

  • Lumia series to come to additional markets including China and Latin America in the first half of 2012.
  • Due to changing market conditions, combined with increased focus on Lumia, Nokia now believe that they will sell fewer Symbian devices than we previously anticipated.
  • During Q4, Nokia also formed the Location & Commerce business to drive value from their leading mapping and location-based services platform.The Location & Commerce business is an important asset that is bringing differentiating location-based services to Nokia, the Windows Phone ecosystem, and other Microsoft products such as Bing. Nokia believes this is the leading location-based services platform with an opportunity to become tremendously powerful as computing goes more mobile .
  • Nokia expects its non-IFRS Devices & Services operating margin in the first quarter 2012 to be around breakeven, ranging either above or below by approximately 2 percentage points.

Finally, good show by Nokia in Q4 2011 and it augurs really well for the future. Now Nokia needs to continue with this momentum and step up wherever needed to regain its original glory.