OZO launchNokia has posted one or rather two videos that show Nokia OZO into dark and into the light. Though, how we wish that Nokia could post some mind-blowing video samples captured with OZO.

Nokia has also posted more about OZO launch and how it came into being.

Last week in Los Angeles we introduced OZO to the world at a preview event for members of the Hollywood production community. The response has been amazing we and truly appreciate the warm welcome Nokia has received as we begin to explore the exciting possibilities virtual reality (VR) offers to deepen human connections and communication.

With OZO, we aim to enable amazing VR experiences for people everywhere by providing professional content creators with the best tools possible. Over the next several weeks, our R&D teams in Finland and Silicon Valley will be completing the final phases of refinement to the commercial version of OZO. During this time, feedback from professionals will be more important than ever — we want OZO to meet and exceed all their expectations.

We started this journey with a vision of what was possible if we designed and built a VR camera from the ground up for professional content creation. Key features such as live monitoring and fast playback, along with spatial audio capture, quickly rose to the top of our list of must-haves.

Over the last several months as OZO has moved from prototype to pre-production, a few very important partners contributed their insight, feedback and support. We were thrilled to have them join us last week to help make our announcement:

Sid Ganis, founder of Out of the Blue Entertainment, film and television producer, former Paramount Pictures President and past President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Ted Schilowitz, who was the first employee and part of the product creation team at Red Digital Cinema, later joining 20th Century Fox as their Futurist, where he explores with the studio heads what the future of the entertainment experience can be.

Steve Schklair, producer, cinematographer, and CEO of 3ality Technica and founder of 3MERSIV. Steve is dedicated to advancing virtual reality from both a creative and technology perspective, and 3MERSIV is focused on VR production and integrated solutions.

We were also very excited to be joined by Cliff Plumer, president of Jaunt Studios, to announce Jaunt’s support for OZO. (See our press release for more info.) We have more work to do to get OZO ready for launch in the fall, so please stay turned. We couldn’t dream of a more exciting response to OZO — and it’s safe to say you haven’t seen (or heard) anything yet.