VR-1Nokia may well be planning a move into “Virtual Reality” world with its own device and is also planning VR apps for all three major platforms: iOS, Windows and Android. Two recent job applications reveal this. Presence capture program’s video and audio solution is meant for both Nokia’s own device and accompanying application suite.

Presence Capture program in Nokia Technologies, Products Business is building a video and audio solution to transmit 3D presence in Virtual Reality.  We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer in Application Development to join our software team.

In this role, you will work with the other developers to integrate, test, validate and deploy software for both our device and the accompanying application suite. Maintaining the infrastructure and tools for software development, including test automation and build systems, will be one of your main responsibilities. You will validate & integrate external and internal software assets, ensure that our code developing towards a product is thoroughly tested, and track its quality.

Another job posting reveals that Nokia’s internal development environment is Linux based and Qt is a requirement for the candidate.

Strong experience with cross-platform desktop application frameworks, such as Qt.

* Track record of developing, testing, deploying and maintaining consumer product quality applications for OSX and/or Windows and/or Android platforms. Linux, which we use as our internal development environment, is of course not a stranger to you either.

We have earlier posted about many Nokia patents related to wearable glass and eye movement based interactions. A job posting had already revealed that Nokia was indeed working on a cloud-powered OS based on Linux.

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