Nokia new logoWe just reported how Nokia is planning to go to market with its product offering in the field of professional cameras and will approach resellers in the field of video production space. It seems Nokia is also planning to go ahead with marketing campaigns that will promote its new offerings in consumer space and strengthen the Nokia brand. These marketing campaigns are “Globally scalable” in nature as per couple of Nokia Technologies job entries.

It seems after doing away with most of its existing official websites as per the deal with Microsoft, Nokia will launch new websites and will offer Beta-testing of its devices to lucky testers. Below is the responsibilities list for Global Marketing manager that Nokia is hiring.

  • Digital marketing: Manage website development, supervising agency partners and working cross-functionally with internal stakeholders. Use A/B testing to refine and enhance site. Translate understanding of our brand, value prop and competitive marketplace into compelling SEO, SEM and PPC digital campaigns.
  • Event marketing and sponsorships: Evaluate proposals, make recommendations and project-manage participation, sparking engagement that brings our brand to life.
  • Develop globally scalable assets and campaigns.
  • Consumer insights and validation: Point-person for Beta testing program, coordinating internal cross-functional and external resources. Augment user testing with appropriate quantitative and qualitative research. Liaise with corporate brand team.
  • Influencer and content marketing: Identify, engage and program-manage brand “ambassadors”; develop content marketing strategy and roadmap; collaborate with PR, PM’s, and Content Manager to fill pipeline with appropriate and engaging content for multiple channels.
  • Test, measure, iterate: Create processes and cadence of regular reporting on what’s working and recommendations to improve. Use marketing automation to plan and execute campaigns.

Nokia has lost bit of its digital media presence due to doing away of its assets as part of the Nokia-Microsoft deal and it has to start from scratch for building them now. It now seems more and more plausible though that Nokia is destined to launch some consumer products on its own in future: Cameras, VR device and may be some phones after 2016….