This comes as a surprise revelation to everyone. When Nokia acquired Alcatel-Lucent they didn’t mention or announce anything about acquiring Alcatel brand which is used for smartphones and Tablets. It was assumed that Alcatel brand name was acquired by TCL to use in its Alcatel range of smartphones and Tablets.

But seems Nokia may have owned the Alcatel brand by default while acquiring Alcatel Lucent. As per the official statement provided by Nokia to us, it seems Nokia owns Alcatel brand-licensing agreement to TCL. This licensing agreement expires at the end of 2024.

Nokia provided this official statement first to Nokia Mob Blog. Later we reached to them to confirm it and it changes what we knew about Nokia-Alcatel deal.

The Alcatel brand was licensed by Alcatel-Lucent to TCL for mobile phones and devices and this license expires at the end of 2024. When Nokia acquired the assets of Alcatel-Lucent in 2016, this also included licensing agreements for the Alcatel brand.

This is surprising that Nokia never mentioned about this licensing agreement in any of its reports. Nokia PR team refused to provide any more information regarding this licensing agreement with TCL. It will be interesting to know the financial implications of licensing agreement and we will let you know if we come to know more about it.