Doesn’t it sound amazing that most of the Android flagships haven’t even get glimpse of Android’s latest iteration “Jelly Bean” and Nokia N9 is already demoed in a video running on “Jelly Bean”. No points for guessing though, it has been possible due to “NITDroid” project yet again. The Nitdroid Project managed to get Android ICS on to Nokia N9 before lots of Android devices were updated or even released with that update. It has done it again and you can see the video demo of N9 running on Android 4.1 aka Jelly Bean below.

Though commenting on viability of such kind of projects is tough, but again it shows the versatility of “Meego” . Nokia is now fully behind a Third party OS (Windows phone) and though I am not a fan of Android, but really think that Nokia could have opted for an option of (Meego + Android Apps) which  always looked like a potent mix :).