Bestbuy listed AT&T Lumia 920 and also opened pre-orders for an amazing price of $149.99 before taking it down. But this price was too good to be true and it was thought that Bestbuy may have been offering the device at a price of $50 less than what could be AT&T quoted price as usually happens. But, things look rosy now, thanks to Nokia Mobile site for Lumia 920 ( revealing the official AT&T price of $149.99. If you open the link in your mobile you will be able to see the above quoted price in the top tile, while on PC the tile looks static.

This price of Lumia 920 is really aggressive and if rumors are true and Nokia packs a charging pad with Lumia 920, it becomes totally unavoidable. If you want to hurry and pre-order the AT&T Lumia 920, you can still do it by going to any nearby Bestbuy store for the same price of $149.99.