Another independent study this time by PA Consulting confirms Nokia’s position as the leader in 5G patents ownership. In its study the analyst firm concluded that Nokia is number one for ownership of granted patents essential to 5G standards.

Prior to this a study done by IPLytics ranked Nokia as No.1 for ownership of 5G standard essential patents. The study had also ranked Nokia among the top contributors to the development of 5G standards.

Nokia invests around EUR 4 Billion in research and development work every year. It has filed over 1500 patent applications in year 2020. Nokia has 20000 patent families with several patents in one family. Read more here.

Jenni Lukander, President of Nokia Technologies, said: “These independent findings reflect the significant contribution Nokia makes to developing industry standards, our continuous investment in R&D, and the strength of our patent portfolio. The study is also a reminder that you need to look at not just the number of patents but also the quality when assessing the strength of a patent portfolio.”

For over three decades, Nokia has been significantly contributing to the development of industry standards, holding a variety of leadership positions in major industry standardization bodies. In 5G standardization, Nokia is one of the most active contributors and drivers of key features. Several independent third-party studies have ranked Nokia among the top for ownership of patents that have been declared as essential to cellular standards, including 5G.

Nokia’s industry-leading patent portfolio is built on more than €130 billion invested in R&D since 2000 and is composed of around 20,000 patent families, including over 3,500 patent families declared essential to 5G.

Nokia contributes its inventions to open standards in return for the right to license them on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms. Companies can license and use these technologies without the need to make their own substantial investments in R&D.