Recently, Nokia has been basking in glory of accolades. A study named it as the leader in 5G patents ownership, while another named Nokia as one of the 2021 world’s most ethical companies.

Ethisphere, an Institute considered to be the global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices has named Nokia as one of the 2021 world’s most ethical companies. Nokia has been recognized for fourth consecutive year and for fifth time overall.

The company is one of three honorees in the telecommunications industry. 135 honorees were recognized spanning 22 countries and 47 industries. You can read more about this recognition here.

A study done by IPLytics has ranked Nokia as No.1 for ownership of 5G standard essential patents. The study also ranked Nokia among the top contributors to the development of 5G standards.

Nokia invests around EUR 4 Billion in research and development work every year. It has filed over 1500 patent applications in year 2020. Nokia has 20000 patent families with several patents in one family. Read more here.

We invest over €4 billion in R&D every year and filed patent applications on over 1,500 new inventions in 2020 alone. Our portfolio has around 20,000 patent families (each family being composed of several individual patents), including more than 3,500 patent families for 5G. In our website in the Nokia innovations gallery, we are showcasing 13,000 inventions that originate from our research.