HERE PapyrusAfter the awesome Nokia 3310 with 41 MP PureView camera, here is another totally out-of-box product announcement from Nokia. HERE Papyrus is your true companion map, which brings HERE’s unmatched Maps on paper for you. It also packs the augmented reality view of LiveSight as seen in the above image. Not only this map concept look mighty interesting but Even the name of HERE Papyrus product manager “Sehr Gefälschte” (Translate into English and then read :P).

“We have taken the lauded feature of the digital app and overlaid this information onto our HERE Papyrus paper maps, meaning urban explorers can see their synched collections, discover major landmarks and points of interest by simply holding HERE Papyrus directly in front of them,” said Sehr Gefälschte, HERE Papyrus Product Manager.

And the awesomness of HERE Papyrus is not limited to hands-on use, but even in car, HERE Papyrus provides motorists with easily accessible in-dash maps for accurate navigation at your fingertips, no matter the state of your electronics’ functionality.

HERE Papyrus in the car

Where to buy,

HERE Papyrus comes printed on quality, tear-proof polymer paper and is available in more than 400 cities, in 97 countries worldwide. You can purchase HERE Papyrus from your local newsagent, gas station or auto dealer.

If you are not already rushing to your local newsagent, gas station or auto dealer, then do let us know how did you find this new safe navigation product from Nokia.