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Innovations at Nokia never cease to amaze and push boundaries of tech as we know it. In collaboration with University of Southampton, Nokia has been able to harness the power of lightning, ( yes you heard it right ๐Ÿ™‚ ) for charging Lumia 925.

โ€œWe were excited by this challenge presented to us by Nokia,โ€ Neil explained. โ€œUsing an alternative current, driven by a transformer, over 200,000 volts was sent across a 300mm gap โ€“ giving heat and light similar to that of a lightning bolt. The signal was then stepped into a second controlling transformer, allowing us to charge the phone.โ€

What happened next surprised even the scientists, and Neil adds: โ€œWe were amazed to see that the Nokia circuitry somehow stabilized the noisy signal, allowing the battery to be charged in only seconds.โ€

While this experiment can’t be and shouldn’t repeated by us in our homes, we can at least watch it happening in the video below.

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