Nokia has hired a new brand licensing agency for venturing into new consumer categories. The agency “Global Icons” will be the exclusive brand licensing agency and will help Nokia in licensing its brand name to more companies.

“Global icons” is supposed to launch a worldwide licensing program for Nokia in the strategic consumer electronics categories.

“Global Icons are proud to be working with Nokia on this journey to further extend its successful brand licensing program,” says David Williams, managing director, Global Icons Europe. “Our extensive experience will allow us to bring industry leaders to the table that possess the innovative technology to deliver engaging Nokia-branded product experiences that people associate with the brand.”

HMD is the only brand-licensee for Nokia so far and deals primarily in Phones & may also sell Tablets in the future. It will be interesting to see what other consumer electronics may be launched under Nokia brand-name, as the Nokia brand has been mostly known for Phones. But Nokia had sold Withings health products under its name and is currently manufacturing and selling Nokia Wi-Fi beacons itself.

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