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#Nokia: #Here to be key revenue generator.Will supply maps to anyone without map asset & to power sites like #Facebook.

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In a recent interview, Michael Halbherr, executive vice-president of HERE has said that Nokia will focus on its mapping arm Here as the key revenue generator going forward. Though, we know it will take sometime for mapping division to catch the profitable NSN but may be the new focus can actually help in monetizing the Nokia’s mapping prowess. On how Nokia plans to generate revenue from Here, some key points emerge. First Nokia is planning to provide Here to anyone without maps asset.

The company is looking to get its Here digital map service into more cellphones, more cars and more big companies that use the service to track products and people, Michael Halbherr, Nokia’s executive vice president for location and commerce for Here business, said in an interview.

“Our strategy is straight, most companies out there don’t have a map asset,” said Mr. Halbherr, who reports to Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa. “We have become a neutral supplier to everybody who doesn’t have their own map asset.”

Also, Here Nearby and cloud integration will make Here reach to social networking sites like Facebook and generate revenue. Here Maps already powers most of the cars’ navigation system worldwide and even technology companies SAP and Oracle are its clients. It also provides Here maps to and Yahoo.

Nokia has partnered with approximately 50 colleges/universities across India for crowdsourcing on existing HERE Nearby maps. Nearby will generate revenue for Nokia via paid listings, deals coupons and brand coding. It has partnered with automakers worldwide as well to integrate HERE navigation systems into cars.

“HERE is also part of the advanced cloud platform, and will be used to power most major social media sites like Facebook, as well as other major enterprises like Amazon and Google,” said Halbherr.

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  • Prasenjit Singh Bist

    We see a huge potential for wearable devices even in enterprise as we gear up for the next wave of innovation at SAP. There was a time when there were smartphones and mobile phones and the PC.
    now you see smartphones getting more smarter, i don’t need my sales force in field to tap a PC or carry a laptop, I can provide SAP mobile solutions right on the smartphones also with HTML5, cloud and HANA possibilities are endless but then what about the consumer space.

    again a time was there when smartphones were not enough to replace PC today a smartphone is more capable and powerful more connected than ever, millions in emerging countries experience first online experience on a mobile device and yes PCs are being replaced by smartphones that become the PC in your pocket and then there’s the opportunity for next disruption in terms of new form factor and you attack the wearable the landline went wireless and became mobile now your watch gets smarter your car gets smarter.

    I have heard people saying that Nokia is building a complete HTML5 platform that runs on Here platform just like their automotive platform to power the smart wearable. I don’t know people keep saying so much.may be rumours.

    But imagine sensors that can sense the environment your location your pulse rate and so much,the future is very near may be Nokia brings it on or some small players do it but the era of smart wearable has arrived.

    i saw comments at places in some blogs where people mentioned about Sony and Samsung smart gears but have you folks checked out the one from Nissan, check that its the real innovation at one hand when Sony and Samsung are thinking of the wearable as an accessory and extension to smartphones the winners will be those who envision it as a complete whole with novel use cases.

    i am very excited and Nokia has the assets its famed R&D and the geniuses at Nokia Research Centers but there are hundreds of other startups worth considering and the world’s greatest and the biggest Enterprise application vendor is also eyeing that sweet spot.

    in conclusion as many are saying Nokia can wow us with its innovative spirit.

  • yeap you read it right

  • halamadrid

    , as well as other major enterprises like Amazon and Google,” said Halbherr.

    is google maps alsobased on here maps`?????

    • Kamal

      Google maps is not based on Here maps, but I think as indicated as part of the cloud platform it may see its data being used by even “Google”… A good opportunity to promote Here, though!!