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Nokia has big future plans for Z Launcher. New business model & cloud integration coming

Nokia ZlauncherWhen Nokia unveiled Z launcher for Android devices, many were questioning this move from Nokia. Nokia offered Z launcher as a free download for limited number of supported devices and while it was received very positively by tech community, some wondered how does this make sense amongst the number of launchers available for Android. And, there is no visible and established “business model” for monetization for such products.

But Nokia has big future plans for Z Launcher and that involves new business models and leveraging cloud as well. A job posting by Nokia reveals the following,

Z Launcher is one of the programs in the Products division within Nokia Technologies.  It is tasked with solving the following problem:

“With a myriad of apps, services and devices comprising our world, how do consumers discover and take advantage of this world?”

The program will attempt to solve this problem by making it faster and easier to use and discover relevant services, given the consumer’s historical usage and current situation. We have already started to build a new kind of home-screen launcher for Android that uses prediction to make the launching of tasks simpler and faster. As the program develops, it will introduce new business models and leverage the cloud.

The skill set required for this job also reveals that Nokia may be eyeing iOS also apart from Android.

Preferrably including experience with iOS/Android Apps, Responsive Website Design, and/or Cloud Services



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  • People think Nokia X was the reason ballmer panicked and pleaded MSFT board to approve his Nokia D&S deal. But that is no where near the truth.

    Microsoft had a self vision to emulate Apple as a devices and OS integrated business house and they had zero experience with hardware. So what do you do when you have billion of dollars and a great hardware partner with a stellar brand and legacy with thousands of employees who have world class talent, created thousands of patents and award winning products and design.
    Simple you buy them out, from day 1 you get an experienced world class team that knows what to deliver eithout wasting couple of years buildingva team and business model, supply chain etc from scratch. Microsoft did that.

    When people say Microsoft panicked that Nokia may go android that was because of the CTO team working on project mountain view, that was game changer as Nokia had real Lumia phones on same Qualcomm chipsets running Android with ZLauncher and host of other apps and Nokia services hub. Yes it’s shocking right? ZLauncher is nothing new it was developed at NRC team some time around 2013. And this year you could have seen Nokia Android phones real android. Over the months and weeks you will see some new apps and services on android, just remember they were always meant to be for the Nokia made Android phones, that the world never saw but was enough to make Ballmer paranoid.

    Mr. Elop always had rescue plans, these projects were done with his approval so contrary to what some haters say , that man was working for Nokia for its good.

    Exciting times ahead for Nokia products team at Nokia Advanced Technologies, as they hire hardware guys too from display to camera to optics.


    • Karl

      If Nokia had this plan, why did they sell the D&S division then? Because that was Ballmer’s wish? It still doesn’t make sense…

      • Kamal

        D&S was too large and too unmanageable given Nokia’s financials.But Nokia has got its plans intact 🙂

    • JLIT99

      Hmm..I feel that you know more than you’re letting on about the inner workings of Nokia.. Anything else you can tell us about these other Nokia Android phones?