Rich Go seems to be back on track again with the launch of the fantastic and value for money E3106 that I reviewed earlier and now, the upgraded Nokia E3102 Plus. Rich Go’s E series which stands for Essential series are budget priced earbuds that can easily rival the more expensive ones in terms of quality, reliability and features. In

Nokia E3102 Plus

The Nokia E3102 Plus is an upgrade over its predecessor with the inclusion of Bluetooth 5.3 technology that makes pairing effortless with a stronger ,reliable connection and more efficient power consumption. While rest of its features such as an IP44 rating ,13mm dynamic driver and 20 hours of total listening times are very similar to the original E3102, the Plus upgrade brings in MEMS 2+2 feature, Environmental Noise Cancelling feature as well as dynamic bass.

My unboxing and initial review here:

The E3102 Plus is retailed about USD20 in China and is currently available in markets like Indonesia. It should be coming to more markets soon. While the E series buds offers more value for money, I am more excited with the P series. I hope that Rich Go would introduce an upgraded P3600 buds as it is simply among the best buds I have experienced.

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