Nokia smartwatch 1Nokia has just launched its new Nokia Technologies business practice called “Digital Media” with “Nokia OZO“, as its first product. A related great news, that will be welcomed by all Nokia enthusiasts is that Nokia will manufacture OZO in Finland and this doesn’t come as a surprise to us, because Nokia had made it amply clear that if they see a breakthrough product, they can think of manufacturing it themselves.

Now coming to something that will bring more cheer to Nokia fans and more legitimacy to many of our leaks & reporting about Nokia pursuing smart wearables related to health and wellbeing. During the Q2 earnings call a statement made by CEO Suri revealed a new Nokia Technologies practice that we may see taking shape soon. “Digital Health” as the name suggests will be Nokia’s entry to smart wearables related to health and wellbeing. We have all the reasons to belive that Nokia will take manufacturing of Digital health devices itself as we have seen in the case of OZO. As per Suri,

We think it will have a wide range of applications; film studios, marketing firms, travel agencies and many others. Early feedback from potential customers and ecosystem players has been very positive and is a clear proof point that we are delivering on our strategy which includes a focus on digital media and digital health.

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