This was really quick and expected. Nokia  sold more smartphones powered by Windows Phone operating system than any other company in the fourth quarter of 2011, according to research firm Strategy Analytics.

According to the firm’s report,

  • Nokia accounted for 900,000, or 33%, of the 2.7 million Windows Phone devices sold during the period.

  • The impact of Nokia adopting windows phone platform was for everyone to see as fourth-quarter  shipments of Windows Phone 7-based devices were up 36 percent compared to the  third quarter, reaching 2.7 million units

  • The research firm said Nokia’s Microsoft smartphone growth during the quarter was achieved partly by capturing market share from HTC .

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“An expanded portfolio of Windows Phone 7 models, such as the Lumia 800, an  increased retail presence and highly visible marketing campaigns across several  European and Asian countries drove Nokia’s growth,” Strategy Analytics executive  director Neil Mawston said today in a statement. “Nokia is by no means out of  the woods yet, and it is still on a long road to recovery, but capturing top  spot in the Microsoft smartphone ecosystem is an encouraging baby-step forward  for the company.”

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