Nokia’s Location and Commerce business has inked a very good deal with Hyundai in Europe. Hyundai in the Netherlands has introduced a five-year NAVTEQ MapCare map update program, a cost-effective map update package. Administration and logistics attached to the map updates are being handled by Nokia Location & Commerce. The Netherlands program is a pilot with a view to rolling out to Hyundai operations across Europe.

Throughout this period new car buyers with line fit navigation systems will have the most recent map version installed for free by their Hyundai dealer when bringing the vehicle in for its annual service. For the lifetime of the vehicle’s 5 year warranty, the update program simplifies the process for the driver of keeping maps up-to-date.

This program will save drivers money when compared to buying separate map update products on a yearly basis, which ensures the most cost effective way to keep a Hyundai navigation system updated. The annual updates, featuring NAVTEQ Map coverage of Western and Eastern Europe plus Russia and Turkey, will be installed and activated via USB stick in Hyundai dealerships.

The company said that this data can be used by customers to create premier navigation and location applications for vehicles, personal navigation devices (PNDs), mobile handsets, tablets and the web.