700-nokia-lumia-920t-color-rangeWe reported how China Mobile is planning to sell Lumia 920T at amazing on-contract prices starting from 1 Yuan only. China Mobile is now pre-ordering Lumia 920 for full price of 4599 Yuan at its website. Hence, when they will announce on-contract deals it is expected to draw huge response. Now seems keeping in mind the popularity of Lumia 920 and Lumia 920T in China, Nokia and China Mobile want to encash the expected crowd for promoting Lumia 920T prospects in China. Reports tell that Nokia and China Mobile are planning a purchase event for Lumia 920T. If it draws huge response, it will certainly secure big media coverage.

Have a look at the reported 24 months on-contract Lumia 920T plans,

  • 1 Yuan          ————-388 Yuan/month
  • 800 Yuan (US $ 130)—288 Yuan/month
  • 1200 Yuan (US $ 190)—228 Yuan/month
  • 2000 Yuan (US $ 320)—188 Yuan/month

Thanks Si-Chan for the Tip. Cheers!!