Nokia 9, the upcoming flagship Nokia smartphone is destined for a 2018 launch, our retail sources tell us. As per the latest info we have HMD is planning for a big launch event that may be weeks away. In fact Nokia 9 launch was never postponed to 2019 and HMD kept it low-profile to avoid the leaks around that Penta-Lens super camera.

There were some issues with producing the smartphone with the Penta-Lens camera module but these issues have been sorted out already and Nokia 9 is in active production already. Though scaling up the production still remains a challenge and then producing it in markets like India where they need to follow “made in India” strategy is another hurdle.

But, so far sources are positive about a launch this year. If anything goes exceptionally wrong then only it may be postponed to early 2019.

Nokia 9 details:

We have been reporting via our sources that Nokia 9 (2018) will bring a Penta-Lens camera setup and may also feature in-display fingerprint sensor. We have earlier talked about this Penta-Lens camera module in detail while joining all the dots, as Zeiss has patented a “Miniature zoom camera” with multiple lenses arranged in a circular manner. Recently HMD CPO Juho visited Zeiss lab and sought to tease about his visit on Twitter.

Nokia 9 may come with 5.9-inch, QHD resolution 3D glass OLED display and will be powered by Snapdragon 845 processor, You can read probable Nokia 9 specs at our dedicated page.