Nokia 8 Sirocco is HMD’s flagship Nokia device which was introduced this year at MWC, Barcelona. Ever since then the company never released a true flagship that can take on the likes of Note 9 or iPhone X. Obviously, this does not mean the company no longer wants to deliver a flagship device once again. Here in India, the Nokia 8 Sirocco price slashed heavily which directly points towards the possible arrival of the next true Nokia flagship, the Nokia 9.

Nokia 8 Sirocco now cost as much as 36,999 INR, coming down from 49,999 INR. As you can see the price drop is significant.

Readers of our website are already aware of the upcoming Nokia 9. Amongst many interesting features, the rumored 3D glass display is something that most of the people will be keeping their eyes on as the device will for the first time ever be having a 3D glass display. Under Microsoft ambit, Nokia tried similar techniques with Nokia Maclaren, but that did not see the daylight.

Even though the price has been slashed heavily you still cannot purchase the device as it is out of stock at the time of authoring this article. And this does not mean that the product isn’t coming back. You can head over to this page if you are interested in buying the device. We will do a follow-up once the device goes on sale once again.