Nokia 8.1 is now the Best Premium Smartphone of the Year 2018 according to Mobility Editor’s Choice Award 2018. While many of our readers would take issue with the judgment, the award is definitely a feather in HMD’s cap. Make no mistake that it is India where the 8.1 was named the Best Premium Smartphone of the year.

Nokia 8.1 is the most value flagship smartphone from HMD as of now. Our one-month of rigorous usage where we used Nokia 8.1 as our primary device also suggests that Nokia 8.1 is indeed the best value flagship ever from HMD.

Nokia under the HMD has a way to go as the sales number are becoming stagnant as we move forward. This, in turn, means an adverse environment for Nokia to thrive. Nevertheless, in the course of two years, the company indeed made headway and yet to do a lot of stuff and do them correctly.

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