Nokia 8.1 is proving to be one of the most popular Nokia Android smartphones out there with its premium design, build quality, camera and performance. But, today we were tipped about “the lack of Corning Gorilla Glass” protection on Nokia 8.1.

We didn’t check it earlier because Gorilla Glass protection is nowadays considered to be a given on mid-rangers and high-end smartphones. But on checking it seems that Nokia 8.1 indeed doesn’t come with Gorilla Glass Protection and Gorilla Glass protection is not mentioned in the official specs and even the datasheet sent to us.

Nokia 8.1 product page

So, while it is fair to not mention this in the spec sheet as Nokia 8.1 doesn’t come with Gorilla Glass, HMD PR Team has confirmed to us that Nokia 8.1 has NEG glass protection. NEG is a Japanese competitor to Corning and is well-known for manufacturing toughened glass that is used in various industries. Read more about NEG glass protection for smartphones here.