There is a reason social media memes pick up Nokia phones and through it to destroy buildings. Under HMD’s care, it seems Nokia still can be the most-favored device to memes maker. JerryRigEverything as always is back with his most durable and repairable phone of the year award and the winner is none other than Nokia 7 Plus for the year 2018.

It was Nokia 6 last year that got the famous title from the very same Youtuber, JerryRigEverything. He is very well-known for torture testing the durability of phones. The Youtuber goes through a process which includes various testing like Bending, Burn & Scratch to declare the winner. After going through all the pain the Nokia 7 Plus stands out as the top candidate however all the other smartphones did survive the test except the iPad Pro.

Not only it is one of the most repairable phones of 2018 but also one of the most durable with metal on the back and glass on the front. Nokia has yet to buid a weak smartphone.

Nokia 7 Plus Design:

Machined from a solid block of 6000 series aluminum, Nokia 7 plus is a phone that can take what life throws at you and look good while doing it. Its subtle curves and ceramic-feel coating bring the best of both worlds: a great grip and a clean look. See complete Nokia 7 Plus specs here.

However, by looking at the last few phones it looks like HMD has ditched the metal design in favor of glass which is tempting. It would be interesting to see whether HMD make it to the top in the next year with their glass-body design.

Thanks Ashis for the tip, Cheers ?