HMD shipped Nokia 6 Chinese version without Google Services including Play Store, as China still doesn’t allow Google services officially in the country. Moreover Nokia 6 Chinese variant TA-1000 comes with locked bootloader, so a rooting method has yet to be found.

You can check the big XDA thread, where users who have tried unsuccessfully to root Nokia 6 Chinese version shared their frustration. So, while rooting Nokia 6 China variant doesn’t seem to be possible yet, there are one or more listing of Nokia 6 Chinese version at eBay that claim otherwise.

Click on the link below to check one of the listing that claims to sell rooted Nokia 6 China version with Google Play Store installed. The price is Rs 21,309. The listing clearly mentions that this device can’t get updates from HMD.

eBay link

The seller has 97% positive feedback and seems credible enough. We have tried to reach to the seller to understand how were they able to root the Nokia 6 China variant, when none could do so in XDA Forum.

There are however many listings also available for Nokia 6 Hong Kong variant TA-1003 that ships with Google Play Store and Google services. These are listed for higher price than the rooted China version.

eBay link