In these two video, we show you how to insert SIM and MicroSD cards into Nokia 6.1 Plus and also two ways in which you can capture a screenshot on Nokia 6.1 Plus.

Dual-SIM Nokia 6.1 Plus comes with hybrid Dual-SIM and SD card slots. So, you can fit either second SIM card or MicroSD card. The MicroSD card can be only used as the portable storage in Nokia 6.1 Plus.

Watch the video below to check it in action. You can check the similar video for other Nokia smartphones by clicking here.

Traditionally you can press and hold the volume down and power buttons to capture a screenshot on most of the Android devices. But HMD has also pre-loaded a quick-action button “Screen Capture” too. By tapping on this quick-action button you can capture screenshot in a single tap.

You can watch the two ways in which you can take a screenshot on Nokia 6.1 Plus in action in the video below.