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Nokia 6.1 (6 2018) Camera review. Camera comparison vs Nokia 6


In this article, we will review Nokia 6.1 (6 2018) rear camera and will also compare the rear camera against the Nokia 8 camera to assess what improvements the Nokia 6 2018 has over the Nokia 6 camera. If you want to check, here are the quick camera specs/features for Nokia 8 Sirocco/7 Plus Cameras.

  • Primary camera 16MP PDAF, 1.0um, f/2, dual-tone flash, ZEISS optics

The only change from the Nokia 6 2017 Rear camera is that it has Zeiss optics and due to Zeiss optics it gets the Pro Camera UI too. Rear camera comes with auto focus and haa a F/2 aperture. The F/2 aperture should be able to provide good low-light performance theoretically. Nokia 6  2018 also has a Dual-Tone flash that should provide adequate illumination and keep low-light captures natural.

Nokia 6.1 vs Nokia 6 Daylight Imaging comparison:

In crop comparison set below Nokia 6.1 crop is on the top followed by Nokia 6 crop at the bottom. Click here for the full-size images if you want to compare yourself.

Nokia 6.1 vs Nokia 6 low-light without Flash:

Nokia 6.1 image is on the left, Nokia 6 image on the right.

Nokia 6.1 vs Nokia 6 low-light with flash:

In crop comparison sets below Nokia 6.1 crop is on the left followed by Nokia 6 crop on the right. Click here for the full-size images if you want to compare yourself.

Nokia 6.1 vs Nokia 6 video recording & stabilisation test:

The video recorded with Nokia 6 2018 looks more stable and with better resolved details than the one captured with the original Nokia 6.

Comparison Conclusion:

Nokia 6 2017 already got an improved camera app with the Oreo update that brought low-light imaging improvements. Now, Nokia 6 2018 comes with the Pro Camera mode that allows one to play with settings like shutter speed apart from ISO and other. But here we have compared both cameras in the auto modes.

What we found is similarity between algorithms of Nokia 6 2018 and Nokia 6 camera apps. So, even with Zeiss optics Nokia 6 2018 has very slight edge over Nokia 6 in daylight conditions when it comes to capturing details. In low-light, the cameras are very similar be it with or without flash.

But when it comes to video recording there is huge difference in quality of stabilization and Nokia 6 2018 wins hands down. Quality wise too Nokia 6 2018 video looks better with more details and contrast.

Nokia 6.1 camera review:

Time to now review the Nokia 6.1 camera and talk about features that make the camera shine.

Nokia 6.1 camera samples:

Here are some Nokia 6.1 Sirocco daylight and low-light camera samples.

Macro & Live Bokeh capture:

Now coming to what else Nokia 6.1 can do impressively, you can capture great Bokeh images without with the rear camera. Provided below are example of Bokeh capture.

Nokia 6.1 interesting new Camera features:

  • Pro Camera mode empowers you to control the Camera and do more than just point and shoot.
  • 4K Video recording & OZO Audio capture. 4K video recording and OZO Audio capture were unavailable on Nokia 6 2017
  • Live streaming on YouTube/Facebook. This is yet another neat feature of Nokia 6.1 Camera that you would love to use if you are in covering events or want to share a nice looking scene in high quality with your friends and family quickly.

Final Words:

Nokia 6 already had a good camera and Nokia 6 2018 camera just makes it a worthy upgrade with slightly better imaging quality, Pro Camera mode, much better video stabilization and OZO Audio capture. If you want you can now capture videos in 4K too.

Nokia 6 2018 camera captures good amount of resolved details and keeps colors natural just like its predecessor and keeping with the trend seen in other Nokia smartphone cameras. So, we certainly recommend Nokia 6 2018 as a worthy upgrade over Nokia 6 when it comes to the rear camera too.

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