A Nokia 3315 owner of 13 years (and was still going strong…) has been given honor to shut down Telstra’s 2G network. Telstra, Australian Network operator announced in 2014 about its plan to shut down the 2G network in 2016.

The Nokia 3315 owner in question goes by the name Oly Gordon and he wrote off a Facebook post to Telstra. He professed his undying love for the Nokia 3315 and blamed lack of 2G phone sales on the phone’s indestructible nature.

G’Day Telstra,
I hear your shutting down your 2G services on December 1st? Frankly I’m upset.

I’ve had my Nokia 3315 for 13 years, and it’s still going strong. The battery currently lasts for 3 days – although it used to be over a week. It has outlasted 4 SIM cards, countless drops, knocks and falls from extended heights. My top score on Snake 2 is 1781 and I have managed to completely fill up the screen with said snake twice.

I understand you haven’t sold a 2G phone in several years, probably because they’re indestructible and there is no need to replace it like a smart phone ever couple of years.

Anyway, just wanted to share this with you. I’m happy to have ‘beaten’ the phone game but disappointed it’s game over.


Telstra invited him to make the last call to be made on its 2G network ever and shut down the 2G network. They presented him with a Google Pixel smartphone.

But as per Gordon, he is not sure about switching over to a smartphone and is hoping to find a version of snake on it.

Gordon said Telstra presented him with a Google Pixel Smartphone, but said he was still hesitant as to how it would work.

“I’m still waiting to get that set up, and try and get used to a Smartphone. Hopefully I can find a version of snake on there, and master that,” he said.

Nokia name is returning to Smartphones in 2017 and HMD should really pre-install a new version of snake on the Nokia Android phones.