Nokia 3310 3G version is now available to buy at major retailers Clove and Carphone Warehouse in the UK. Nokia 3310 3G is priced at £60.00 in the UK.

Clove had mentioned a delivery start date of October 25 at the pre-order page when we originally reported but now already has the Red Nokia 3310 3G in stock.

Clove link

Carphone Warehouse has other three Nokia 3310 3G models Yellow, Azure and Charcoal in stock for the SIM-Free price of £59.99. Though you can buy one for the PAYG price of £49.99 too. Check the SIM-Free and PAYG links below.

CPW SIM-Free link


Nokia 3310 3G is also available at monthly deals with zero upfront cost. Check the monthly deals below.

CPW monthly deals

Nokia 3310 3G comes with a new upgraded OS called “Feature OS”. Read all about Nokia 3310 3G at our dedicated page.