In the latest and 5th Nokia 3 hands-on video, we show you how to enter Recovery / Fastboot mode. Nokia 3 is a bit different from other Android Phones in this regard. While on most of other Android Phones, one has to press and hold volume down + power key to enter recovery mode / Fastboot mode, on Nokia 3 you have to press and hold volume up + power key.

You need to wait for little longer than on other Android Phones after holding volume up + power key and your Nokia 3 must be plugged in or it doesn’t work. Once there, you can use many options as can be seen in the image above and in the video. For booting into Fastboot mode you need to “Reboot to Bootloader”. You can use other options like deleting cache, updating from SD Card and much more.

Check it in action in video below,

Nokia 3 Hands-on coverage:

We earlier posted hands-on unboxing, first setup, and impressions video of Nokia 3. In the second video, we showed you how to insert SIM and MicroSD cards. In the third hands-on video, we did a Nokia 3 UI navigation walk-through and also shared some exclusive Nokia features like Motion gestures and Nokia Support app. Fourth Nokia 3 hands-on video, tells you how to activate System UI Tuner, a cool official Android experimental tool that allows one to tweak UI and add new features.

Nokia 3 is now available in many markets worldwide and will be in much more in coming days. You can read our full Nokia 3 coverage by clicking here.

Nokia 3 Details:

Read all Nokia 3 details including specs, features, and check out gallery and videos by clicking here. Check some of Nokia 3 hands-on images by clicking here. You can check pre-order / buy links /release dates for all markets at our dedicated Nokia 3 page.

Other Markets:

Nokia 3, 5, 6 have already been launched in Netherlands,  Poland, Bangladesh, Finland, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 have been launched in South Africa.

In the UK, Amazon has opened pre-orders for Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 and claims release dates in July. Vodafone Romania has announced the availability of Nokia 3 on its network.

In the case of Germany major retailer, OTTO has opened pre-orders for Nokia 3, 5 and 6 and claims release date by end of June.