Nokia 3 comes packed with 8MP cameras on both rear and front. Both cameras come with autofocus and have F/2 aperture. The F/2 aperture should be able to provide good low-light performance theoretically. In this article, we share our detailed review of Nokia 3 cameras and we have also shared our review video that has camera UI & settings walk-through and also some imaging tips.

Nokia 3 Camera UI Walk-through, Imaging tips & Video review:

Nokia 3 Rear camera review and samples:

Nokia 3 Rear camera is fast and captures accurate colors. Resolved details are good for a smartphone camera in this price range. What though can be improved is Autofocus lock timing. It is bit on slower side. Though there is touch to focus feature that makes up for slow autofocus.

HMD imaging team has not tinkered with sharpness a lot and while that will please imaging enthusiasts, many mayn’t like it. Ordinary smartphone owners using smartphone for point and shoot purposes, usually like artifical sharpening. So, may be HMD team take a note and sharpen the images a bit by default by tinkering algorithms.

In low-light, while the F/2 aperture helps in getting more light, the powerful flash impresses a lot.

HDR mode also helps in tricky lighting situations. There is auto-scene mode which can be really useful when you capture a scenery aka landscape images.

It is a good idea to use touch-focus for macro images.

You can try your hand at Panorama too. Here is our quick attempt at Panorama with Nokia 3, though you can certainly do better than us.

So, if you ask us Nokia 3 Rear camera is accurate in rendering colors and has good resolved details but may need slightly more sharpening in some cases. Touch focus works well resulting in good macro capture and flash is powerful. You can see full-size Nokia 3 rear camera samples by clicking here.

Coming to video capture while it is limited to 720p, you can capture acceptable quality video with Nokia 3 rear camera. While there is no OIS (which is usually the case on budget devices) the camera algorithm smoothens lots of movements indicating some software stabilization in background. You can check video samples below.

Nokia 3 Front camera review & samples:

Nokia 3 front camera is nearly as good as the rear camera when it comes to imaging quality. You don’t have a front flash but otherwise, this F/2 aperture camera captures good images comparable to the rear camera in details and color accuracy. This is good news for selfie lovers.

You can see full-size Nokia 3 Front camera samples by clicking here.