HMD was the second top phone vendor in Q2 2019 as per a report from the analyst firm Counterpoint.  In terms of features phone shipments, it had a 14% market share and was the top brand in Europe and the Rest of Asia regions.

HMD was the top phone brand in Q1 2019 and while the shipments numbers are still strong, it is facing stiff competition from iTel it seems.

HMD has done comparatively well in the second quarter of 2019 growing Nokia smartphone shipments by 20% year on year. This ensured that Nokia remained the 9th top smartphone vendor in Q2 2019 too with 1.1 million shipments.

So, while Q2 2019 again establishes HMD as one of the top feature phone vendors, HMD needs to do better in markets like India where it has surprisingly been relegated to the 5th vendor ranking.