2660 flip 2023


I have reviewed the Nokia 2660 Flip previously, alongside the Nokia 8210 4G  and Nokia 5710 Xpress Music previously. Each of these devices have their own unique characteristic that would appeal to the crowds out there.

The feature phone segment is very much alive and vibrant, thanks to HMD Global continuous development in this segment. The re-introduction of the Nokia 2660 Flip is a timely one, as this time the colors are much livelier, and the prospect of owning one gets more validated.

Whether it is for work, weekend , for the young ones out there or even for your parents, the Nokia 2660 Flip offers simplicity and reliability. With the way the world is shaping to be, with abundance of social apps, cyber-thefts, intrusion in almost all level of our life, probably we should actually limit our time with smartphones, and have a more quality life with this “dumb phones”.

The Nokia 2660 Flip-in PINK!

Among the trio of devices launched previously, the Nokia 2660 Flip is the most well thought feature phone for daily use. The clamshell design with large 2.8in screen and large button allows easy interaction for people of various age group. I like the fact that the centre key is slightly recessed than the others to give you some spatial orientation for easy typing.

The 1450mAh battery should give you days of use in between charges, and it is removable. So, you can rest assured that your device stays alive longer and lives longer. And if you ever run out juice, you can charge them using the cradle, sold separately, which I would recommend getting, especially if you are getting this for your kids or parents.

The device runs on S30+ operating system and comes with some handy features. One of the feature I really enjoy the most is the ability to listen to the FM radio wirelessly , anywhere, anytime. Of course, the reception can be improved  with the 3.5mm head jack, but in most scenario, you don’t need one to enjoy the music. There is also an MP3 player with this phone, and thanks to the expandable storage that supports up to 32GB microSD , you can enjoy hundreds of songs on the go.

If you are ever bored and need to kill some time, games like Snake, Tetris and many more are available from Gameloft. The rear camera, though 0.3 MP, comes in with flash support and the included filters really adds value to the purchase.

You can catch my unboxing and review of the  Nokia 2660 Flip in pink here.

I suggest to also watch this video here where I have answered many of the questions asked before.

Final Thoughts

Many have said that the feature phones are meant for developing countries only. This might have been true before, but does not apply to the current era that we are living in. With the pandemic forcing almost all daily interaction to be online, this has created new issues  and scenarios that we have yet to manage well. When was the last time a family dinner was about interacting with each other? When was the last time your kids had a healthy play time outside the house? The truth is, smartphones , while as useful as it could be, have introduced a generation whose lives revolves around apps and virtual socializing, and this might not be what is needed for them both mentally and physically.

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