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Nokia 2.4 cameras review & evaluation vs Nokia 5.3 camera. Full-Size samples & videos


Nokia 2.4 is the latest Nokia Android smartphone in its budget Android One range and sports a Dual-camera setup. The phone has just been launched in India and we had started posting our hands-on video coverage of Nokia 2.4.

Now time for our detailed Nokia 2.4 rear camera review. In this article, we will review the Nokia 2.4 cameras and will also compare the rear camera against the Nokia 5.3 camera to assess how it fares in terms of imaging quality.

For your information here are the Nokia 2.4 rear and front camera specs,

  • Rear cameras Dual Cam 13 MP + 2 MP (Depth)
  • Night mode
  • Flash LED
  • Front-facing camera 5 MP, F2.4

Nokia 2.4 vs Nokia 5.3 Imaging comparison:

In crop comparison sets below, Nokia 2.4 100% image crop is on the top followed by Nokia 5.3 100% image crop. Click here for the full-size images if you want to compare yourself. These images are without auto-scene detection to assess the camera capabilities in the Photo mode.

Set 1:

Set 2:

Nokia 2.4 Bokeh, Portrait and Macro imaging:

Nokia 2.4 captures some great bokeh samples. These two samples show the strength of the camera when it comes to capturing Bokeh.

Portrait mode is another strong point of the Nokia 2.4 camera.

Nokia 2.4 can capture really close macro images in photo mode.

Nokia 2.4 coloring samples:

Nokia 2.4 keeps colors accurate as real-life without adding extra vibrancy to images. The results are consistent when one talks about color-reproduction.

Nokia 2.4 low-light vs Night mode vs Flash vs Flash torch:

Nokia 2.4 camera has a new flash torch mode that also works in Photos mode. So, you can just switch on the flash and capture images if it is too dark. Below, we have samples captured without flash, night mode, with flash and using the flash torch mode.

Without flash:

Night Mode:

With flash torch:

With flash:

One more set that compares without flash and night mode captures.

Without flash:

Night Mode:

Nokia 2.4 front camera:

Normal mode:

Bokeh mode:

Nokia 2.4 daylight & low-light video recording:

For both daylight and low-light conditions, video samples from Nokia 2.4 camera are provided below. Here also Nokia 2.4 camera has a new “video stabilization” option that can be switched on and off.

Comparison Conclusion & Final camera review:

Nokia 2.4 cameras (both rear and front) perform really well considering that it is a budget-end smartphone after all.  Especially when it comes to still imaging quality it impressed us with capturing detailed images that also capture accurate colors. It also keeps White balance correct in most of the cases.

We must mention that the camera is also good at capturing Bokeh, Portrait and closeup macro images that will make you happy. Even the front camera captures some good Portrait images.

Nokia 2.4 camera performs better than average in low-light and Night Mode certainly brings difference over normal low-light capture but it has areas for improvements. It can be tweaked for even more light or/and better details capture.

We also would like to mention the new Flash torch mode that gives better results than the traditional flash capture. It results in better clarity and white balance.

Video capture is satisfactory with good details but can be tweaked for better clarity/contrast. It performs well in low-light conditions too but focusing in extreme low-light cases is erratic.

Click here for the full-size images if you want to evaluate and compare yourself.

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