One of the things Nokia always enjoyed back in the days was enormous praise for its smartphone being the best when it comes to build quality. Now even with HMD’s Nokia, the build quality is as good as the previous ones.

Jerry, a famous Youtuber with 3.2M subs posted a video featuring Nokia 1 – the cheapest Nokia Android smartphone in which he forced the smartphone to break into pieces. But much like his other encounters with Nokia phnes, this effort also went in vain. The Nokia 1 survived and kicking!

A budget phone, no matter how cheap should still be well constructed in my opinion. Nokia has never let us down before in terms of build quality, and the bend test will show us if they slacked off on this cheapest smartphone. The initial flex has the screen protruding very far out of the frame, but no cracks or damage. The phone locks out and stops bendings. A bend from the other direction also shows some flex but still no damage.

Now HMD is also planning to bring a new edition of Nokia 1 in which we can expect things to be a lot better than the existing model. You can check out the durability test video below.