On this page, we have tried to answer user queries and frequently asked questions about Nokia 1. For reading full detailed Nokia 1 specifications list click here.

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Nokia 1 FAQ & User queries answered:

Q) How much storage space the system takes on Nokia 1? How much is free to use?

A) On Nokia 1 System takes around 2.3 GB storage. Pre-installed apps take around 1.3 GB. Space left for users is around 4.25 GB out of 8 GB total internal storage.

Q) Does Nokia 1 come with a Gallery app?

A) Yes it comes with Google Photos pre-loaded as the default gallery app

Q) Does Nokia 1 support VOLTE in India?

A) Yes, it supports VOLTE in India

Q) Does Nokia 1 come with LED notification feature

A) No, it doesn’t have LED notification

Q) Does Nokia 1 have separate Dual-SIM and SD slot

A) Yes Nokia 1 has separate Dual-SIM and SD card slots

Q) Does Nokia 1 have Dust & Water protection

A) Nokia 1 comes with IP52 certification which means Dust and Water protection feature.

Q) Nokia 1 Display size and whether it has Gorilla Glass protection

A) Nokia 1 has a 4.5-inch display. No, it doesn;t come with Gorilla Glass 3

Q) Does it have on-screen touch buttons or hardware buttons

A) Nokia 1 comes withon-screen touch buttons

Q) What is the Battery capacity of Nokia 1

A) Nokia 1 comes with 2150 mAH battery

Q) Does Nokia 1 have FM Radio

A) Yes it comes with FM Radio app pre-installed

Q) Does Nokia 1 have Google Assistant support

A) Nokia 1 comes with Google Assistant Go edition