We have been reporting various leaks about many upcoming Nokia Phones and smartphones in the run-up to MWC 2018. HMD is expected to launch a number of Nokia devices at MWC 2018 and Nokia 1 is rumored to be one of them.

Now, there is one more interesting Nokia phone that has passed FCC and Bluetooth certifications as TA-1047. We had reported its size specs via the FCC certification and it was too compact to be a smartphone. TA-1047 as per the FCC leak is a Dual-SIM Mobile phone and may have dimensions of 133×68 mm. The diagonal measurement has its size at 140mm or around 5.5-inch.

This as per a speculation from a trusted source is a smart 4G feature phone like Jio Phone that may come with 3.3-inch, 480×480 resolution display. It may be powered by Qualcomm 205 processor and may come running KaiOS.

The Bluetooth certification for TA-1047 had revealed four more variants TA-1060, TA-1056, TA-1079 and TA-1066. Now recently TA-1056 and TA-1079 have also passed FCC certification and this gave rise to speculations that it is Nokia 1 and as always happens all sites big and small reported it.

But the FCC and Bluetooth certifications clearly mention it as a “Mobile Phone” and not a “Smartphone”. For your information TA-1047 has recently passed certification in Thailand too.