We last reported about the possibility of the Nokia TA-1047 being a qwerty Nokia smartphone that can come running a customised OS. Now, TA-1047 and its other variants TA-1060, TA-1056, TA-1079 and TA-1066 have passed the Bluetooth certification at BSIG.

These all variants are listed at BSIG as a Mobile Phone now giving more weight to the speculation that the phone in question is not a smartphone but a rather big and wide Nokia Mobile Phone. It will be the first Nokia Mobile Phone to come with LTE support though.

TA-1047 as per the FCC leak is a Dual-SIM mobile phone and as per the FCC certification may have dimensions of 133×68 mm. The diagonal measurement has it at 140mm or around 5.5-inch. So, it clearly looks like a smart mobile phone targeted at those who want a smarter mobile phone with a qwerty keypad.

As per a speculation, TA-1047 may come with 3.3-inch, 480×480 resolution display. It may be powered by Qualcomm 205 processor and may come running Kai OS, which may be the name for the customised OS.