Nokia developer has reported about an  NFC application called NFC interactor. It is available in the Nokia Store for all NFC-enabled Symbian Anna/Belle phones and the Nokia N9 with MeeGo Harmattan. The app is based on Qt and is completely open source. With this app, you can view low level information about NFC tags and their contents, and write your own tags with a dynamic NDEF message editor UI.

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NFC Tag Reading & Writing :

Nfc Interactor reveals low-level information about the NFC tags you touch, including their tag types, UIDs and for some tags additional information like the memory size and lock status. Most NFC tags contain standardized NDEF messages (like Smart Posters, URIs or business cards), which are parsed and shown on-screen, nicely formatted so that you can easily read their contents.

The most powerful part of Nfc Interactor is the dynamic NDEF editor UI. Compose your own NDEF messages containing multiple NDEF records, just by adding all the records you need to a list. Many records support optional information, which you can supply if needed (e.g., the Smart Poster supports multiple titles in different languages and allows setting the recommended action for the reader). A short help text explains the basics of each record type. The top bar will always keep you updated on the size in bytes of your current creation, so that you can ensure it actually fits on your tag. Once finished, write your message to as many NFC tags as you like.

Advanced Nfc Tags :

Nfc Interactor includes many ready-made templates for conveniently writing more advanced tag types. This includes Geo Tags to link to coordinates and launch the Maps application on the phone, or App Store tags to link to your app in the store corresponding to the actual mobile operating system of the user.

On the social side, you can write business cards (in the common vCard format) and social network tags, which link to your favorite social service like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or vKontakte. In the SMS record editor, you can directly enter the telephone number of the receiver and the body text to be sent — these records can for example also be used for payment via premium SMS (this method is used for many NFC tags that let you purchase a public transport ticket).

For low-level writing, you can also create custom records, which are needed for example to store app-specific information or to create autostart tags for apps (Nfc Interactor itself can be automatically launched through touching a tag that contains a record of the external RTD “”. Of course, a template for this is available in the editor UI as well.

Nfc Interactor is available for the Nokia N9 with MeeGo Harmattan (PR 1.1+ recommended), as well as the Nokia C7 / Astound / Oro with Symbian Anna, plus the Nokia 700 and Nokia 701. Support for the Nokia 603 and the C7 with Nokia Belle should be added by the Nokia Store soon.

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The complete source code of the application is available on the SVN server at Nokia Developer Projects.

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