Nokia & Xiaomi ink Patent licensing & Business Collaboration agreements

Nokia has moved away from the traditional solo patent licensing agreements model towards the patent licesning + Business collaboration model. After signing agreements with Apple that involved patent licensing and business collaboration, Nokia has signed similar agreements with Xiaomi now. As per the press release,...

Nokia inks Patent licensing and Business collaboration agreement with Apple. Settles all litigation

Nokia last sued Apple in Germany and the US for infringement of a number of its patents. Apple had already been a Nokia Patents licensee since 2011 and this patent licensing agreement ended December 31 2016. Nokia took this step when Apple declined subsequent...

Nokia seeks documents & testimony from Samsung in case against Apple

We last reported about Nokia suing Apple for patent infringements. Apple has already been a Nokia Patents licensee since 2011 and this patent licensing agreement ended on December 31 2016. Under terms of this agreement, Apple paid one time huge sum and was committed...

BlackBerry sues Nokia for patent infringement by its Network Products

BlackBerry has filed a patent lawsuit against Nokia in in federal court in Wilmington, Delaware. The patents in question are 11 Industry Standard Patents or SEPs which are essential part of 3GPP standard in Networking industry. As per a report in Bloomberg, Nokia’s products including its...

Nokia expands patent licensing with Samsung leading to more income starting Q3 2016

Nokia has announced expansion of its patent licensing agreement with Samsung which will help it in earning more royalty from Samsung for its intellectual property. Back in February too, Nokia got a decision in a patent license arbitration with Samsung in its favor. The...

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