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It looks like Symbian Belle devices are getting Widgests treat nowadays.If you have been following Belle related news lately then you ,might have come across three awesome widgets which are now available for Symbian Belle devices 603,700,701 and will be available for N8,E7,C7,E6,X7,500 once they are updated to Symbian Belle.

 Dynamic E-mail and Microsoft Apps widgets :

Nokia Email client has just got update packages for adding and supporting dynamic e-mail widgets to the client. This really looks cool. Also as covered yesterday new Microsoft apps widget is also there for “Microsoft Apps first update” rolling to Belle devices now.

Check the screenshot and download link below,

E-mail & MS Apps Widgets

 Download Link

Social Client widgets:

Nokia’s social client has been updated to version V.1.5.214. This brings cool new widgets to the version V1.4 ,which was released only few days back. New widgets are Facebook update status and upload pictures widget, Social update status widgets, Facebook summary and Pop icons widget. Also there are some bug fixes and performance improvements. Check some of the widgets’ screenshots below.

nokia-social-update status

Facebook summary

Facebook status update

 Download link