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New Symbian Belle Dynamic E-mail,Microsoft Apps and Social V 1.5 widgets!!

It looks like Symbian Belle devices are getting Widgests treat nowadays.If you have been following Belle related news lately then you ,might have come across three awesome widgets which are now available for Symbian Belle devices 603,700,701 and will be available for N8,E7,C7,E6,X7,500 once they are updated to Symbian Belle.

 Dynamic E-mail and Microsoft Apps widgets :

Nokia Email client has just got update packages for adding and supporting dynamic e-mail widgets to the client. This really looks cool. Also as covered yesterday new Microsoft apps widget is also there for “Microsoft Apps first update” rolling to Belle devices now.

Check the screenshot and download link below,

E-mail & MS Apps Widgets

 Download Link

Social Client widgets:

Nokia’s social client has been updated to version V.1.5.214. This brings cool new widgets to the version V1.4 ,which was released only few days back. New widgets are Facebook update status and upload pictures widget, Social update status widgets, Facebook summary and Pop icons widget. Also there are some bug fixes and performance improvements. Check some of the widgets’ screenshots below.

nokia-social-update status

Facebook summary

Facebook status update

 Download link

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  • Debhere

    Ok Kamal, Thanks for the reply.
    But I have more doubts not about Lync, but about Symbian Belle, Yestarday I upgraded my E7 to Belle, it’s totally a new experience, but many things I unable to do here. Can you help me out please?

    1. How to use one note it is asking for some online account, I have given my hotmail account, then it is doing nothing, can you please tell e what does it really do?

    2. How can I configure Notifications bar. There only four widgets, can I add more? If yes then how? I have seen in Android or iOS miss call alert and emails also comes in notification bar, but here it is not coming, Do I have to any set up? Please help me out.

    3. main menu all the icons are very big,it si 4×3 format. this bold looking is very ugly, can I change it to something else arrangement like 5 x 4 or 6×4 format? What I mean Can I change the size of the apps in Menu, so that many apps I can see in single screen.

    4. last question is very cliche, why installing has deleted the most of the good apps from my E7 wheather it was installed in the Mass memory. 🙁

    I know you are not oblized to reply to me, but I do beleive that you have alll the asnwer of my questions.
    Incase if you don’t know, I don’t mind. It is an open world, whenever you come to know reply me, at [email protected]


    • Check the link for more on one note,

      You will see missed call,messages,usb notifications other than what u have mentioned in the pull down menu.currently not possible for mail notofications.and i don’t think you can configure it.

      Main menu change is not possible by default.

      Go to to nokia store on your phone and after loging in with your nokia account,click on the rightmost button at the will get list of your already downloded can redownload them.

  • Debhere

    Nokia belle is awesome dude, just now downloaded, but don’t know how to use that Microsoft apps!!! 🙁
    it is asking for email and password, but which email? Hotmail or anything else? and what is the domain name?

    it would be better if you guide me for this two apps. Again I think many many new apps can come to Nokia Belle, how to get that? How to make this belle upto full use? I knwo that only you can answer me as you have already said yuou are huge Nokia fan..

    Hoping a reply from you

    • Hi Debhere.Thanks for commenting.You would not be able to use Lync as this is meant for office communication.But you dont need account for Note and Doc. you can use windows live account with One Note for SkyDrive for free cloud storage.Hope it helps.