One new Nokia smartphone TA-1104 has appeared in Russian certification. This previously unknown Nokia smartphone has been registered on August 3 in the Russian certification database.

While we can try making an educated guess and take it to be the Nokia 5.1 Plus or Nokia 6.1 Plus it is difficult to say it for sure. We recently reported about sightings of many variants of Nokia 5.1 Plus via BSIG certification and TA-1104 doesn’t belong to the list.

Similarly we know about the global variants of Nokia 6.1 Plus – TA-1103, TA-1083 and TA-1116 which were spotted in the user guide. But, TA-1004 again doesn’t belong to that list too.

So chances of it being a new Nokia smartphone are bright so far. It may be the Snapdragon 710 powered Phoenix or the Snapdragon 845 powered Nokia 9. These two devices are in contention of being the next Nokia smartphone to be launched by HMD.