Nokia Mobile YouTube channel has posted a new video ad that sings virtues of Pure Android and guaranteed OS updates for Nokia smartphones. The video shows how with pre-loaded apps and custom UI layer smartphone from other manufacturers get bogged down with time, while with pure Android Nokia smartphones just keep going.

Also, HMD claims how other manufacturers only update their Flagship smartphones while entire Nokia smartphone portfolio gets updated with new features and changes brought by Android updates.

We like to think that our Nokia smartphones are different. While others pack their phones full of apps that weigh you down over time, we start with a pure, fresh version of Androidâ„¢ that will only get better. While others push updates that slow you down, our updates bring you the latest Google innovation that keeps learning the more you use it. And while others might only upgrade their flagship phones, we upgrade our entire portfolio. And that’s why we think that, with Nokia smartphones, it simply just keeps getting better.