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New low-light comparison video between Lumia 920, iPhone 4S, 808 PureView and SGS III.

A new video has been posted by PureView Club demoing low-light/ “Try out shooting in the dark” challenge between Lumia 920, 808 PureView, iPhone 4S and SGS III. This  video has been  captured at the Photokina event and the person conducting the shootout is “Ari Partinen” from Nokia.

All the smartphones were used in full auto mode without flash and the video capture of the whole comparison is very clear (So no doubting Thomases !!) . The iPhone 4S and SGS III are hardly able to capture anything. 808 PureView obviously captures better image than these two due to larger sensor, but it is Lumia 920 which steals the show. It captures significantly more illuminated image from the same dark room.

Watch the video,


Are you interested in knowing, how Lumia 920 is able to perform so well in low-light conditions, read our earlier article explaining the PureView phase 2 on Lumia 920.


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  • rustyknight17

    i`ve checked all the images , thanks anyway ! And what confusion ? The images just prove my point , speaking of which …
    of course the 920 has a night mode , any smartphone worthy of the name does . And yes , the 920 takes great pics in night mode , though the One X and particularly the SGS III r close behind . My chief point here is that the 920 has automatic night mode and none of the others do , which makes it an unfair comparison , as the 920 is cheating here by taking the pic in night mode . Also , as part of this , it uses the flash to focus , same as any other smartphone cam used in night mode . Also , Ari is being underhanded by failing to menton this . Come to think of it , Nokia`s being very quiet about the 920`s automatic night mode , a shame as it`s quite clever really …

  • rustyknight17

    man , that was clever ! He was careful to emphasise that all the phones were in auto m ode . What he fails to add is that the 920 is programmed to go into night mode automatically in low light situations and use the flash in that mode too . Of course it was better ! If u notice , the first pic the 808 took in auto was with flash and it was much better than the 920 pic !

    • Where did you see Lumia 920 using the flash ? It is focus assist lamp which is present in 808 pureview as well.

      • torcida


        But with a tripod I think the 808 should be still better in night shoots 🙂

        • And, with a bit of ISO help in case of no flash ;).

          • rustyknight17

            Ermmm , I suggest u reread my original post . And , no direspect intended , but I take it photography is a weak subject with u . It’s not one my strong suits either , but I do know a few things about it …
            For those poorly versed in this area , focus assist means that in low light situations ( e.g. night mode , usually ) , the camera uses the flash to focus . And kamal , u r right , the 808 does have focus assist , it uses the LED flash for that . The 920 , as I stated in my original post , is programmed to go into night mode automatically in low light situations , so yes , it used the flash to focus , which Ari failed to mention .The difference with the other 3 is that they r not programmed to go into night mode automatically , which means Ari essentially faked the thing . As I said , very clever !

            • Lumia 920 also has got a night mode where it blows away everything with its capability :P. Why don’t u check the full-res images posted by Engadget. Lots of your confusion will evapourate.

              PS: Focus assist is there in all good cameras, and it is a strength of any cam. Good that Nokia has at least tried to provide us with good quality imaging hardware and software, while others don’t.