We have been reporting about leaks of the upcoming Nokia Mobile Phones and smartphones in the run-up to MWC 2018. Now, one more previously unknown Nokia phone has appeared at FCC. Two variants of this Nokia Mobile Phone TA-1048 & TA-1071 have been spotted in FCC certifications posted recently.

The SAR report for TA-1048 and TA-1071 also reveals the size specs of this phone. It is 134×50 mm which is 136mm (5.3-inch diagonally. This doesn’t correspond to any of the Nokia smartphones or Nokia Mobile Phones already known.

This phone again supports 4G LTE like the recently launched Nokia 3310 4G version. TA-1048 is the single-SIM version while TA-1071 has Dual-SIM Dual-Standby capable variant. The phone also has WiFi support.

We have been reporting about another Nokia Mobile Phone that has passed FCC and Bluetooth certifications as TA-1047. The Bluetooth certification for TA-1047 had revealed four more variants TA-1060, TA-1056, TA-1079 and TA-1066.  The FCC and Bluetooth certifications clearly mention it as a “Mobile Phone” and not a “Smartphone” but many take it as the Nokia 1.