Though Social, the native social networking application of Symbian is good enough for basic Facebook and Twitter use and also has some good widgets like the “All activity Widget”. But If you are one of those, who compare a lot with native Facebook and Twitter application on iOS and Android, then here you go. We are demoing three of the best social networking applications for your 808 PureView or for that reason all Symbian devices.

Facinate for Facebook, Tweetian for Twitter and FlickrUp for Flickr. These three applications have few things in common.

  • They all are based on Qt and due to that all of them are very neat and fluid .
  • They all are available for free at Nokia Store.
  • Fully feature packed and can easily match/outdo social networking applications on any other OS platform.

So here comes the video demo,


Just try these free applications and do let us know, what you think about them.