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Music Hits, just in time for the holiday season

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Tis the season, and what is the season without some top of the line christmas tunes, or maybe you christmas tunes do not consist of the classic christmas songs we are all familiar with, maybe you want some Bon Jovi in the holiday season.  Well thats what makes music hits the app to have.  Any song you want, at anytime of the year.

Music hits has all the features any top of the line music player would have, plus the ability to download or stream music at your finger tips.  You will be able to send those songs straight into your phones music library or even edit the song and make it a ringtone.  25ea02a6-db14-4d3f-8d41-74f5fd729076ee1cf7c3-0856-4d0e-a4c9-ee1c5cbba0d4c037420b-c6be-4dd6-b8da-330e6893d653

Music Hits offers every feature that xbox music does on your windows phone plus more so it is well worth the $0.99.  Click HERE to download music hits and have every song you have ever wanted right when you want it.


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